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Prima-Furon 20 WG is contact  and systemic pre emergence and post emergence herbicide containing active ingredient Metsulfuron Methyl 20%. It is formulated as white wettable granule to control broad leaf weeds in Oil Palm plantation.

  • Herbicide
  • Palm Oil
  • Superiority
    • Good effication on broad leaf weeds and some species of fern.

    • Prolong the dormancy of weed seeds for longer application interval.

    • Contain high quality surfactant with special effication to weeds with thick epicuticular wax for example fern.

    • Wettable Granule Formulation with quick dilution and clear colour solution in water.

  • Specification

    Target Weeds:

    • Broad leaf weeds

      • Ageratum conyzoides

      • Borreria alata

      • Grassocephalum crepidodes

  • Instructions for use
    • Dosage:

      • 100-150 gr/Ha

    • Time and Method of Application:

      • High volume spraying applied if the coverage of the weeds exceed  the limit of economical treshold.