PRIMA-HIPO 400 SL is systemic incsecticide with contact and stomach poison action containging active ingredient Dimehipo 400 g/L. it is red soluble liquid to contorol sucking insect pest, stem borer on rice.

  • Insecticide
  • Paddy
  • Superiority
    • PRIMA-HIPO 400 SL is systemic, absorp by plant tissue suitable for controlling sucking insect pest such as planthopper, stink bug an fleas.

    • Highly dissolve in water, can be tank mix with other insecticide for wider effication spectrum.

    • Right amount active ingredient make it safe to application and non-phytotoxic.

  • Specification

    Target Insect Pest:

    • Brown planthopper
      Nilaparvata lugens

    • Stem borer
      Scirpophaga incertulas

  • Instructions for use
    • Concentration:

      • 1,125 ml/L air

    • Time and Method of Application: 

      • High Volume Spraying applied when the population of insect pest exceed the economic treshold.